Android 7 Tips And tricks 2017
Android 7 Tips And tricks 2017

Here is the collection of 10 Best Android 7.0 Tips & Tricks that you need to try in this year, just read up the below guide and you can easily take advantages of all new features in your android phone.

Android 7.0 Tips & Tricks

1. You Can do  Silent Specific Kinds of Notifications

  • Android 7.0 gives you absolute silent sorts of notifications, in light of the application, they originate from.
  • It is particularly useful if you would prefer not to be helped to remember the birthdays of all your easygoing associates each and every day by Facebook or any meeting Schedules.
  • To do this, simply hold a finger down on a notification. This raises some radio buttons to give you a chance to make warnings noiseless or dispose of them by and large.

2. Quicker Multitasking

  • Multitasking on Android so far includes tapping on the square secure to force all your open applications, organized in light of late utilize.
  • Presently, you should have only double tap the new button on the navigation bar and Android will change to the most recent application.

3. Use Any App in Multi-Window

  • One of the reason multi-window is not supported in certain apps is due to the size. It is a developer option that allows apps to be resized so it can use in split-screen mode.
  • To enable the Multi-Window, first enable developer options by opening Settings -> About -> Software information and tap on the Build number 7 times.
  • Once the developer options have been enabled, open the Settings again and then  Developer options and toggle Force activities to be resizable on to make all apps compatible with Multi-Window.

4. DPI Changer

  • Android 7.0 presents another choice that permits you to control DPI settings and accordingly adjust icons and text dimensions over the operating system.
  • The way to do as such can be found in the display settings menu, behind the display size alternatives.


  • With Nougat it's possible to reprogram the volume keys for more control within the camera app.
  • By ducking into the camera Settings menu, you can choose to assign the volume key to fire the shutter or initiate zoom.

6. Double Tap to Switch between Recent Apps

  • Android 7.0’s split screen multi-tasking that may wind up utilizing its much more straightforward sibling more.
  •  Rapidly Double tap the square applications’ soft key and Android will switch between your two most as of late utilized applications.

7. Modify Font and Screen Size

  • With Android 7.0, you can modify the measure of the content and even that of non-literary components, i.e., expanding or diminishing the proportion of the application’s size to the screening estimate per your show needs.
  • To confirm the extent of the content demonstrated anyplace in the UI, open the Settings -> Application &  select “Display” tap Font size and move the slider to set the last text dimension.
  • To modify the extent of the non-literary parts of the interface including drawer, bar sand catches, open the Settings application & click Display & tap Display size and move the slider to set the size you need.

8. Better Notification Management

  • With Nougat, you can deal with particular sorts of warnings in light of the applications they originate from.
  • Disregard advertisements, advancements, and other unimportant warnings and keep just the important ones that truly require your consideration.
  • To do this, on any such approaching warning, long push on the application's notification > select the conduct as needs be from the alternatives. You can choose the silent information or block them.

9. Utilize Data Saver to Block Pest Apps

  • Data saver is a standout amongst essential new elements and is a conventional approach to take a touch of control over your device battery and information utilization while in standby.
  • What data saver does is to give you a chance to pick which applications have information get to when the screen is off. It’s especially convenient for keeping battery-depleting applications like Facebook under control.
  • Data saver is incapacitated as standard. However, you will discover its switch in Settings -> Data Usage -> Data saver. Tap on it, and you can pick the applications that have full get to when on standby.

10. Notifications let you reply from the home screen

  • The most especially valuable element in the new request of warnings can answer to messages from the notification itself.
  •  Select the message's information, then tap reply. A content box will show up, giving you a chance to answer without having to dunk into the actual dip into the messenger application at all.


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