The hacking software is needed for penetration testing and hacking related tasks. Wasting hours by trying different codes to attack, are things of the past era. Now competent programs are available to streamline the hacking challenges.

Here are 10 online hacking tools that would be useful for you.

#1. Nmap –

Network Mapper (Nmap) is the free and open source software and one of the best port scanning tools. This software allows easy networking detection and security audit functions. It scans the ports of remote devices to discover open ports. Through IP packets this tool finds the hosts, systems, services, and the firewall protection etc. All the required information is displayed on the screen.

# 2. Wireshark-

Wireshark is an open source cross-platform and a packet analyzer. It uses Qt widget toolkit for implementing pcap to capture packets on its interface. Wireshark can capture even the user-names and passwords. This tool is effectively used for networking troubleshooting.

#3. Cain and Abel-

Basically, Cain and Abel is a password recovery tool for Microsoft. This tool is also used to crack multiple passwords using network sniffing methods. Its methods include dictionary attacks, rainbow table, cryptanalysis, and Brute Force attacks.

#4. Maltego-

Maltego is a visual link analysis platform used for digital forensics. An open source tool, it comes with real-time data mining and information option. This hacking software application is fixated on evaluating real-world bond between people, groups, websites, Domains, and internet related services such as social sites Twitter & Facebook. Through this tool, an organization can also locate its team member’s global location.

#5. Metasploit-

A big database of exploits codes it can crack any web server or any remote computer device. One of the best hacking tools, Metasploit is operated best under Linux. Through this tool, entering any remote computer and using any data is an easy game.

6. Nikto-

A classic hacking tool Nikto is what most penetrators love to use often. An open source web scanner, Nikto can scan search over 6700 possibly infected files & CGIs. It can also check for 1200 outdated servers. Nikto can also check on configuration sub-categories for multiple Index files and HTTP server options. This is a great hacking tool for beginners, white hats, and others.

7. Aircrack-ng-

This network hacking software consist of a packet sniffer and detector. A great WEP password hacking tool, Aircrack-ng also cracks WPA passwords by using the dictionary or Brute Force. This is the 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys cracking tool, that can hack keys. The program runs under Linux & windows alike.

#8. Nessus-

This is a comprehensive auto vulnerability scanner. By IP address this can detect the vulnerabilities in the system.

#9. Hydra-

Hydra is an online remote system password cracking tool, used in Linux. This can crack passwords of FTP, HTTP, and SMTP protocols through dictionary file of possible passwords.

# 10. John the Ripper-

A password-cracking tool is known as JTR or John. This is used to attack and crack passwords with a dictionary. JTR is an offline password cracker. It is available in Free and Paid versions both.


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