Many tech hacks offer simple solutions for day-to-day problems. Here is a list of ten technological hacks, both good and evil, for your attention:

1. Amplify your phone speakers:

Since Smartphonespeakersare not powerful enough, people use earphones or make use of Bluetooth to enjoy the music and podcasts. You can place the phone in a dry and clean cup or bowl, aiming downward and get a startling much louder audio. It is simple hack, takes a minute to setup.

2. Create DIY speakers from household items:

You just need an empty cylinder like a two-liter soda bottle or a Pringles sleeve. Cut out a hole to fit the body of Smartphone while speakers should face the tube.The resonanceof sound inside the vacuum increases the volume and gives an amazing higher quality sound and volume. Remember, each material and shape will affect sound in different ways.

3. Turn the old tablet into a digital picture frame:

Load the photos and it will get photos from the online account and will make a great slide show for all to enjoy. Photos already in storage also create the slideshow. There are so many slideshow apps to choose.

4. Boost your Wi-Fi signal:

A discarded CD and an old coat hanger could improve the Wi-Fi signal. You need a plastic CD case, a glue gun, a pair of wire strippers, and a coaxial cable to make an antenna out of these, which looks like an angular figure of eight. Stick CD to its plastic cover with glue, and antenna to one end of co-axial cable.Pass the cable through the middle of the CD’s case and it looks like a miniature satellite dish.

5. Test your remote control’s batteries:

Generally, batteries are removed to check.If you have iPhone aim, switch on camera and aim the remote at the lens. While looking at the screen you should see tiny light, which brightens when button is pressed. If remote has any energy left, phonecamera registers it better than naked eye and emits a dim light. If no light is seen the batteries are no good.

6. Use Alexa to find your lost phone:

A misplaced phone could be easily found. Being alone no one can call you to locate phone after hearing ringtone.UseAmazon Echo and say, “Alexa, trigger find my phone.” Echo will then call your phone, and you can follow the ringtone or vibration to its location.

7. Autocorrect shortcut on your phone for your email address:

Mobile apps ask mail address, which is so irritating. Go to keyboard’s dictionary, add a shortcut assigning it as an autocorrect for a keyword or a code.

8. Use ruler imageas your phone’s wallpaper:

That’s the best wayto quickly measure small items,set it to scale and you can easily measure any object.

9. Use Google Translate to visit blocked sites:

Nothing may block Google translate. Be sure the translations settings you use are English-to-English.The hack only works only with HTTP sites.

10. Make a separate user account for presentations:

You can do this on Windows, Mac, or Linux. Just store presentations on a different partition, so it’s accessible through any account.


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