The users like to unlock multiple exciting features in android. But unlocking various features is only possible when the android devices are rooted. Inrooted android devices,access can be gained through few apps.

Follow these 30 root appsto make android experience exciting.

# 1. Boot animation changer-

This app extends various options including routine animation changes.

# 2. Xposed Installer-

Available free from Google Play store, this app customizes features including notifications.

# 3. Instwogram-

This app clones Instagram account on your android device, so you can have two active Instagram accounts at a time.

# 4. Lucky Patcher-

It helps offline gaming, it bypasses license verification and makes offline games free by in-app purchases.

# 5. Gravity Box-

All features customization tool that works along with Xposed Installer to deliver amazing results.

# 6. Xui Mod-

An awesome app that customizes notifications, status bar, and animations.

#7. DPI Changer-

It modifies PPI & DPI on phone screen for better and amazing visual enhancement that attracts the gamers.

#8. Disable services-

This app as the name suggests disables all background active but unwanted services to speed up the phone.

#9. SCR Screen Recorder-

This app records screen activities of phone, that includes all that happens there including videos and audios.

#10. ROM manager-

It works across different ROM, backing up, and restoring as its main functions.

#11. Set CPU-

This powers battery life, CPU frequency, and longer gaming session.

#12. Roehsoft RAM expander-

Bigger RAM is a boon for phone, this app stores files in SDcard to free RAM.

#13. Repeti Touch-

It helps repeat tasks on device by programming, need not command it frequently.

# 14. Wi-Fi Kills-

With this app one can disable others on same Wi-Fi to enhance own speed.

# 15. Battery Calibration-

This app deletes battery stats and enhances battery life of device.

# 16. Flashify-

It helps flash the zip.files, recovery.img, and boot.img. Stores files in cloud backup.

# 17. Root Browser-

System menu is accessible with it, file on ROM is modified, and it works as text editor also.

# 18. MTK Tools or Mobile uncle tools-

Fixes GPS issues, tweaks speaker’s volume, and IMEI restoration & backup.

# 19. Xmod games-

This app gives external support to online games such as Clash of Clans and eight ball pool etc.

# 20. OG YouTube APK-

Perfect APK mode android app for downloading Videos from YouTube and playing them on background as well.

# 21. Greenify-

Its ability to put background apps to hibernation mode prolongs battery life.

# 22. Chainfire 3D-

Enhances gaming experience by cutting out unwanted graphics.

# 23. Root Uninstaller-

It deletes unwanted apps by a single click operation to enhance performance.

# 24. Tasker-

Amazing app with 200+ plugin tools that covers most features.

# 25. Root call Blocker-

Paid Pro app blocks calls not in contacts and in specific period.

# 26. Goo Manager-

It downloads and installs anything on ROM.

# 27. Smart Booster-

Clears the RAM and boosts the phone.

# 28. Quick Boot-

Reboots quickly without commands to terminals.

# 29. Super SU-

Gives root access and enhances android functions.

# 30. GMO Auto Hide Soft keys-

This app hides soft keys with plannedretrieval and gives full screen option.


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