This is a normal practice while surfing that ZIP/RAR files are downloaded on computers. A pop-up window asks for the password to access the files. But there is no password visible on the website from where the file is downloaded. Sometime user downloads and put a password to lock then forget it.

ZIP and RAR are examples of compressed file extensions. After downloading ZIP and RAR files they need to be decompressed.Some users introduce passwords into the files. A password-protected ZIP file may cause problems. It needs specialized software to guess the password, and requires a lot of patience when computer whines for a long time to carry out the task. Following ways one can crack the password to open ZIP file folder.

First Method:

Install WinRAR Hacking tool and software. Put in the serial key from the text file and Launch. Select type of attack to hack the password. The guessing process consists of following techniques which save the time.

 Brute-force:

It is hit and trial method and used when the password is small, and may be more time consuming.

 Mask:

People have a pattern of designing passwords. The method works when the password is not complex.

 Dictionary attack:

When one is totally unsure of the password this method is used. It searches all possible password combinations like in a dictionary. For example, a movie downloaded from a blog, could have full web address or email of blogger as the password. If the customization of schemes is required, check boxes may be selected. This state whether to include or exclude the terms to be used in cracking of password. A blank or selected checkbox may indicate exclude or include, respectively.
 Choose the compressed file, click on OPEN, browse folder and select file.


Password cracking process will start on completion of step above. If it does not, then click to start manual process for hacking password.

 Patiently wait and allow the software to work. Time taken will depend upon the length and the complexity of password.
 Once the software has cracked the password, a pop up message will appear and it will display the password details.
Access all the files after entering the password in the compressed file. The password hacking has been successfully achieved.

Method – 3

Password cracker

The password cracker for WIN ZIP/RAR to be downloaded.

 Install the Password cracker tool on your PC.
 Launch the file then move to file saving option and save on the desktop with an extension ‘.bat’ and select ‘all types’ in the file type option, next save it.
 Look for a new file on the desktop, just launch the file and furnish the option detail when it asks for the file’s name for whom the password to be hacked.
 Check for the path of the file in the properties, once that detail achieved just ‘enter’.
 A new password will be created and displayed on the screen, with this access the files.


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