Cloud computing provides several benefits to the organizations, but such benefits are possibly to get undermined by failure to make sure about the appropriate and suitable information security with privacy protection while using the services of cloud computing, leading to reputational harm, high costs withpossible loss of the business.
While considering the move towards cloud computing, consumersshould also have the clear understanding about potential risks and benefits of security which is associated with the cloud computing, and it also set realistic expectations with the service providers of cloud computing.

They offer the prescriptive series of the steps related to cloud service for the customers to manage and to evaluate the security as well as privacy of the cloud services, with a key goal to mitigate risk and also deliver the suitable level of the support.

The below mentioned steps are important to ensure the safety and security in cloud computing:

1. Ensure highly effective governance, compliance and risk methods exist
2. Auditing the business process and operational processes
3. Manage roles and the identities of people
4. Ensure complete protection of the information and data
5. Enforce some vital privacy policies
6. Assess provision of security for various cloud applications
7. Ensure the cloud networks are secure and the connections are also secure
8. Evaluate various controls of security on the physical infrastructure and various offered facilities
9. Manage the complete security with regard to management of cloud service agreement
10. Understanding the requirements of security for the exit process

The best practice and Requirements are available for every step. Apart from this, every step takes in consideration the realities of cloud computing landscape with the postulates that how the space is possibly to evolve this in future, this includesvital role about the standards that is of great importance.


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