Samsung S8 is the new sensation in the world of smartphones. This is the most talked about elegant device in recent times, which comprises of new advanced features. The striking appearance packed with cool innovative features, makes this gadget favourite to every gadget lover. Hence, if you are fascinated with cutting-edge features and customization then read these tricks to use your new Samsung S8 like a professional techy.

# Easy Apps Management :

On Android phones, when you want to remove an app you have to press it for a while and then drag it to the Uninstall button. The S8 done this job with drag and drop features. Here you can long press on an app and then a menu will come up with all the possible options.
Improve the Download
The S8 has a Download Booster button which helps to download a large file quickly. This feature uses Wi-Fi and mobile data both at a time. But, you need to be careful of using this feature if you have the mobile data limitation. This wonderful feature can eat up your internet data rapidly.

#Customize the Navigation Bar :

The S8’s Infinity Display is the on-screen navigation bar and it can be customized according to your choice. This added advantage is a great experience for those who switched to S8 from another Android device. You can change the entire button layout through the setting menu. Your course of action should be like this, Setting Menu to Display to Navigation Bar to Button Layout. Then either you can choose Back-Home- Recents or Recents-Home-Back.

# Finger Print Gestures :

If you have already used this feature on another Android devise then be sure you are getting something more. Finger Print Gestures of S8 are not only unlocking the phone but also opens the notification zone. You just need to swipe down for the notification zone.
Floating Camera Button

The Galaxy S8 has a long display, which looks wonderful. But, at the same time, it creates difficulty to make a click. However, the floating shutter button feature solves the problem. You can drag this floating button to anywhere on the display screen according to your comfort.

# Command your Cam :

Do you know that your Samsung S8 Camera can click on your commands? The phone camera can recognize commands like “click”, “smile”, “Shoot” or “Capture. These are some of its built-in commands. So, you can be a cool dude or a smart girl among your friends by commanding your S8 phone camera for a selfie.

# Twisted Selfie  :

The S8 camera is packed with ultimate insane funny filters that can enhance your sense of humor in front of your friends and colleagues. The camera has a wide range of 31 cartoonish filters where you can select your favorite cartoon to design the pictures.

# Zoom Option :

The Samsung S8 gives you the option to do zoom in and zoom out easily by the shutter button. You just need to drag down and up to zoom in and out. You can control how much zoom you want by the side.


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