Sharing files is no more just restricted to emails or zip files and it is obviously an age-old concept now. Until today whenever we think of sending files to someone on internet, the first method that we recall is sending them via e-mail or sharing them via a pen drive. However, these methods do not guarantee to secure your identity on the World Wide Web at all and does not give you an option to send files anonymously to anyone in your professional or personal circle.
Many users on the World Wide Web (WWW) have the same notion that their data is completely safe and secure. However, the users of the internet forget that just to keep themselves safe and secure on the internet, you need to follow various protocols.

Here is a complete list of all easy and good tricks that can help you keep your identity safe and share files anonymously over the internet:

#1. Avoid Using Internet Explorer for Anything:

First, you need to stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer, as it is the biggest risk to anyone’s internet experience. Not only is a most renowned internet browser, but all prone to attacks from viruses and spyware. Therefore, it is a must to avoid using it for sharing anything important over the web.
Most of the recommended internet browser is Google Chrome as it is good and offers best of all usability to the users.

#2. Protect your Connection:

Always make sure that you have an active firewall operating on your computer system. Firewalls stop intruders from entering your connection and causing any havoc. Hackers can easily gain access to an unprotected network and steal your important information.

#3. Mask your IP Address:

You need to hide your IP address in order to send and share files anonymously over the internet. You can make use of IP masking tools that act as an intermediary between your network and the internet. Whatever page or file you request over the internet will first go through this proxy server, which then helps you visit the website with its own internet protocols and send whatever files on your behalf. These proxy servers are actually free to use by anyone whomake it easy to load pages fast and more secure to send file anonymously.

#4. Hassle Free Online Sharing :

There is another way you can share files online easily without the fear of losing thedata, as there are many free data- uploading services available online like Google Drive and Dropbox that you can use to share your files. All you need to do is sign up and create an account on these online file-uploadingservices, which lets you share large sized files easily and anonymously. These online file uploading services are amazingly easy to use and completely free of cost. Therefore, you can just upload your files on these services and share the link with anyone without disclosing the sender of these files on the internet.


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