Google Chrome Extensions
Google Chrome Extensions

10 Best Google Chrome Extensions 2017 – Google Chrome is one of the best and the most popular web browsers and is available for the smartphone as well as the computer devices, the reason behind why most of the people love to use this browser is that it have the capability to add-on the more features to enhance the experience of browsing further. There are numerous extensions available for the Chrome browser through which the users could grasp the additional features, but it could be difficult to find up the one who suits up the best. Here in this article, we have written discussed the method through which you could be able to prevent up the Windows users from changing up the desktop background. If you were also seeking for this method, then you are exactly at the right place because we have written about the method in an easy way such that you might also not get any issues while implementing it by your own. Now it’s your time just to follow up reading this article and hence get to know about this method!

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Top 10 Google Chrome Extensions

#1 Earth View

Everytime you open up any new tab on the Google Chrome web browser, you would be able to see the part of the world map which you could surf through while if you get free of your work for some time. This would happen only if this extension have been added to the Chrome.

#2 Lazarus

While filling up those web forms, you suddenly pressed the back key! Not to worry if Lazarus has been installed, your filled in details would remain there, and you won’t require filling those again.

#3 Save Text to Google Drive

Save any text from the internet to your clipboard, and hence you would be able to read those later on. This is the only work or the function of this popular google chrome extension.

#4 Pixlr

Edit about any image that you encounter on the Internet inside the Chrome by using this small but powerful extension. Best suited for the graphics maintainers and designers!

#5 Black Menu

A Small Pop-up on the corner of the browser, lets you go to the Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps, etc. This greatly improves your collaboration with these services while still working on your tasks.

#6 AdBlock Plus

For those who are overwhelmed by those Ads appearing all over the internet, just remove or block them using these extension pack. Although you might get to appear some of the Ads, it blocks most of these very efficiently!

#7 Simple=Select + Search

After installing this extension, you get the way to search for the text strings on the Google, IMDB, Wikipedia and many other sites by just right clicking on any of the text!

#8 Currently

Remain Updated about the time and the weather of your place while working on the internet and browsing through the various websites and tasks using the Currently extension on the Chrome browser.

#9 Hide Youtube Comments

If you are looking for the cleaner youtube without all those messy comments by the people which mean nothing to you then think of installing this Chrome extension and surf again to the youtube channel. This all removes that comments from the youtube and give it a cleaner UI overall!

#10 Hola Better Internet

This extension is for those who use to travel to farthest countries more often. This helps to remove those firewall blockages for some particular internet content as regarded by the different countries in the different regions!

After reading up the above article, you have now got about the best 10 Google Chrome Extensions which all could be used to grasp the more features and functionality out of the basic Chrome browser on your devices. Just go and install that favorite Chrome extension on your browser and hence get that particular feature out of that!


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