Top 10 You tube Channels

Software development companies are mostly focused on programmers, resulting to a dearth in coders worldwide. When given a choice students opt for programming, as they found it more lucrative. For learning the coding online, the best way is to learn by live videos.

Here are top 10 YouTube channels to learn coding at home.

# 1. Thenewboston-

It is one great YouTube channel to learn programming and coding. They make the learning possible with the help of 4200 uploaded videos. Thenewboston is one huge reservoir of coding knowledge that the learners could benefit by subscribing it. They specialize in tutorials of web designing and android app development. It is the best site for aspirants who seriously want to learn coding.

This channel on YouTube of is famous for its JavaScript and web designing online tutorials. They also have tutorials in HTML, CSS, Sublime Text, Responsive designs, Backbone.js, Docker, Dev Ops. They have best tutorials for learning coding. They have 111 videos for passing on the knowledge to learners.

# 3. Codecademy-

This site is perfect for the beginners who want to learn coding. The Codecademy prefers to be interactive with its learners. The learner needs to read and enter the code into browser and the answer will be immediately available. They have uploaded number of videos on YouTube.

#4. Codecourse-

This YouTube channel is more focused on PHP, also on CSS, Sass, Laravel, and MySql. The coding is easily learned through many tutorial videos that could help the beginners.

# 5. Derek Banas-

This is also one of the best learning site on YouTube that is found useful by learners. Besides tutorial video on Java script in 30 minutes and Ruby programming, the PHP coding is the best one can learn from them. Banas has 743 videos uploaded on YouTube.

# 6. Treehouse-

An educational resource on YouTube, Treehouse has mission to teach through online YouTube videos. They make tutorials on coding in C# and Python easy to understand. Treehouse has 332 videos uploaded for learner’s benefit.

# 7. ProgrammingKnowledge –

The channel has over 1000 videos uploaded on YouTube channel. They extend information on Coding for C programming, Python Java, android tutorials, and C++ tutorials. This channel is heaven for Code learners.

# 8. Codewars –

They make the code learning fun and action filled event. They employ the ‘martial art’ theme, with challenges, complete them and earn honors, then move up to higher echelons of learning. Through several uploaded videos on YouTube, they impart information on CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Ruby, Haskell, and Clojure.

# 9. FreeCodeCamp –

This is a non-profit organization with an interactive web program. They have plenty of videos uploaded on YouTube with tutorials on Coding, HTML, CSS, Databases, JavaScript, DevTools etc. The tutors have a fixed curriculum followed by real time experience on nonprofit projects for learners.

# 10. Coder’s Guide –

Coder’s Guide is on the YouTube for quite some time with videos uploaded on numerous coding topics. They have 19 videos each on JavaScript and HTML/CSS. They teach online on topics such as HTML, CSS, WordPress, Bootstrap, iOS and android.


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