At times, data is misplaced from the system unintentionally which can lead to major loss in one way or the other. At such moment, the basic need is to get back the lost data/ files without any damage. In that case, the saviour is, of course, data recovery software. There are multiple data recovery software available.

Here is a list of best free data recovery software that can do the job efficiently.


Recuva is on the top of the list of best free data recovery software. It is highly efficient and can revive files from hard disk, external devices, memory card and even from CD and DVD. Its great features are higher file recovery capacity, innovative deep scan mode with protected overwrite features.

Wise Data Recovery

It is the fastest recovery application that can recuperate files quickly. It has a faster search, filter and faster scan system. You don’t need to install it. It can run on various drives.


This software is quite powerful and runs on various devices such as digital cameras to hard disks. It is quite good to recover videos, pictures and documents. It is able to recover over 440 different file formats.


This recovery software gives the chance to recover the boot sector. It fixes deleted partition table. This open source software is available on most of the platforms like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X etc. The software is popular because it can be found on various Linux Live CDs.

Undelete 360

The software made on the algorithm and works wonderfully on various devices like digital cameras, smartphones, computer hard drives and memory card. The software contains a Hex Viewer, a data wiping tool and it allows preview before the recovery.

Disk Drill

This is an easy to use and a brilliant programme to restore up to 500 MB data. This programme can also run on iPod with other devices. It shows the preview before recovering them. It can take backup of an entire drive, filter files with dates and size, and save the scan results.

Pandora Recovery

If your deleted files are in the popular format, then Pandora will recover more files than standard searches. This software comprises cutting-edge Surface Scan and it can recover almost every file in various devices that you can connect with your PC.


This software is also user-friendly and it works well without installation. It can recover the data from USB drive. Restoration runs on every major platform.

Glary Undelete

It is good for first users. The appearance is dull but good for data recovery. The features are like quick file scan, various filter options like date, size, and time etc. Various language options and preview options are also available. Moreover, it doesn’t show original file names.


This software has plenty of features that are extraordinary. However, sometimes, it becomes complicated. The software supports deep scan, save logs of the scan, shows details of the device, file search option, multiple filters, and tools to construct RAID.

Wise Data Recovery

It is the fastest software that can recover files quickly. It has a faster search filter and faster scan system. You don’t need to install it. It can run on various drives.

Stellar Data Recovery

It proficiently recovers deleted data from different types of storage devices like smartphones, hard disks, memory cards and USB drives. It is user-friendly. You just need to download it and start the scanning.

SoftPerfect File Recovery

You can recover all your files without installing this recovery software. In fact, it took a minimal size like 0.5 MB. But it can’t recover corrupted files. The software doesn’t show preview or the situation of the recovered files and moreover, it doesn’t allow restoring the recovered file on the same disk. So, the solution is to run it on a flash drive.

Puran File Recovery

It works in three recovery modes that are Default quick scan, deep scan and full scan. Your effective button is “Find lost files” that will recover all your deleted and damaged files. You can also edit the custom scan list for more accurately recover the damaged data.

PC Inspector File Recovery

It works on NTFS and FAT drives. It also can recover various video and pictures from various damaged files. It scans only on specific areas of the drive. But the interface is a little bit confusing. Hence, it is recommended to use the tools carefully.

MiniTool Partition Recovery

This specialist application can work more capable than any other recovery software. It is dedicated to data recovery on an entire partition. It works well in problematic drive and can scan for the missing partition.


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