The android and iPhone video applicationsoffer excellent video chat experiences without any cost.

The top 20 video calling apps are given here for information.

1. JioChat:

JioChat is the most popular exclusively Indian app, its seven servers in various countries ensure great speed.

2. Line:

It is compatible mobile OS platform that user can use for free international voice and video calls, sharing of media, and text messages.

3. Skype:

One of the best calling appsSkype credits for making calls to landlines and mobiles from zero to reasonable cost. Different files and emoticons can be easily shared.

4. WhatsApp:

One of the most used audio, video, and messaging social apps in the world.There is no charge for national and international purchase of apps. Group chats, broadcast are main features and it has WhatsApp Web too for PC operations.

5. Google Hangouts:

Users can make calls to a computer or mobile worldwide. All devices sync facility for chats enables users to keep in touch with friends across the globe.

6. Hike Messenger:

Has features like Filters, group calls, inbuilt photo editing and cool hike themes with Emojis. It is available in many languages.

7. Viber:

Has over 500 million users. Hidden Chats and Manual Authentication are its few features.

8. Messenger:

One the best apps having great video and voice quality. Main features are cool Facebook updates, best security, high definition group video chats.

9. IMO:

An instant messenger where users can talk to theirFacebook contacts, Google Talk, Skype, MSN etc. Main features include unlimited messages, amazing video and voice calls, free stickers for expressions, encrypted calls etc.

10. ooVoo:

After ‘Line’ a great video chat option that has cross-platform supporting group video chats. User can register with mobile numberwithout creating an account.

11. Tango:

Users can personalize video calls using Tango surprises feature, which is use of animations for expression.

12. WeChat:

Rated as the best alternative for WhatsApp. It is fast, forthright, secure and reliable.

13. Telegram:

Has similar features like that of WhatsApp which include groups upto 5000 members, access of messages from all devices at once, free ads and free subscription.

14. Yahoo:

Easy to use by enabling installing video with plug-in feature. Main features include individual group chats, Unsend option to cancel sending of files from conversations, instant datasharing photo viewing etc.

15. Glide:

Rated fastest app using texting with videochat. Users can enjoy real quality moments with friends and family.

16. Google Duo:

An exclusive app for phone and tablets only with advanced features, including launch without shutdown of existing app.It is very simple to use even by novices and gives caller preview and enhanced security.

17. Facetime:

Veryeasy to use app, connects fast to enableeasy video chat.

18. Facebook Messenger:

Accessible via any web browser logged into the user Facebook account.Irrespective of the device, one can contact family and friends.

19. Fring:

Compatible with many platforms,it has excellent video clarity and supports cross platforms calling.

20. FriendCaller:

Introduces public/private key encryption turnings the Android HD into full fledged Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone. User can save lot on monthly bills.


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