There is more to Command Prompt Tool (CMD) and its commands than one normally expects. This is not as boring as it may sound for the casual users, it’s much more interesting when one knows about them.

Here is a collection of 50 CMD tricks & tips that makes cyber fun zone more accessible.

1. Encryption to safeguard computer’s drive and pen-drive.
2. Expands hard-disk space in virtual HDD of Window 10.
3. Spots Wi-Fi misuse by unauthorized persons hooked on your wi-fi connection.
4. Use pen-drive as a key for locking and unlocking your computer.
5. Data transfer through wi-fi includes music, videos, and pictures between two laptops through MiniShare.
6. Change of password of Window 7 & 10 passwords without recalling old password.
7. Windows’ use through Apple Mac by RDP client.
8. Sharing PC data on android phones by CMD tricks can be done.

9. Information about graphic memory on memory card in computer.
10. 10 incredible ways to shut off computer.
11. Disables startup programs for speeding up Window 7 & 10.
12. Smart hiding of files & folders option in Window 7 & 10.
13. Smart way for perfect screen shot in Window 7.
14. Real time monitoring of internet data in Window7.
15. Task manager open option in 5 different ways in Windows.
16. 5 ways to open Command Prompt in Windows.
17. Way to find password of existing network in PC.
18. Subtitles file can be added easily in VLC media player.
19. 20 CMD commands can be useful to know.

20. Removal of ads in uTorrent and Bit-Torrent.
21. Drives can be hidden if required.
22. Duplicate files identification.
23. 3D movies can be watched on VLC media player through this.
24. Smart way to hide IP address.
25. Product serial key can be found.
26. God Mode can be activated in Window 7,8, and 10.
27. Can change default DNS to Google DNS for speedy internet.
28. Laptop can be kept in cool with options of CMD.
29. Unlock option of computer from android smartphones.
30. Smart notebook options.
31. 10 smart software to give more handling power.
32. Fast IP address identifications option.
33. Wireless sharing of data between phone and PC.
34. Smart way to change Window 7 boot screen animation.
35. Laptop can be converted into one-click Wi-Fi hub.
36. Pen-Drive can be made multipurpose.
37. All latest versions Windows software can be installed and updated in one-click.
38. Android app games can be played on the laptop.
39. Unified Android app. Can control mouse and keypad.

40.Smart way to change Window7 login screen wallpaper.
41. Multimedia Player ‘Kodi’ for any Window PC.
42. Recuva recovery software recovers deleted data and files.
43. CCleaner software keeps the system performing.
44. Window PC can be operated through any android phone.
45. Folder colonizer changes the color of Window folder.
46. Internet download manager is one smart app.
47. Fake files can be created.
48. Start menu of Window 10 can look like Window 7.
49. YouTube making for tutorials and window screen record option available.
50. Smart ownership of any file on Window7 & 10.


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