Hacking is not only about the person who trespass into other’s systems because of some vested interests in sensitive information. Hacking has become a necessity for the security professionals to fortify any vulnerability in the system and crack passwords.

Here are 25 best hacking apps for Android phones in 2017 :-

1. Arpspoof : Auditing tool, redirects traffic on local network. It forges the replies and send them to a target.
2. zANTI : Designed for androids, acomprehensive network diagnostic app,enables audits and penetration tests.It provides cloud based reporting for network security.
3. DroidBox : offers dynamic analysis of android application and easily hacks the victim’s phone.
4. aNmap-android : One of the best scanner tool. It ends emails after scanning.
5. Hacktode : Used for penetration testing and performs reconnaissance, scanning etc.

Best 25 Hacking Apps for Android in 2017

It is useful when password for Wi-Fi is not strong and can easily cracked. It has interactive interface.

7. Androrat : it remotely administers control of device when there is no physical access.
8. Burp Suite: An integrated platform, achieves testing process and finds the network vulnerabilities,
9. SpoofApp :Itchanges voice, phone number, records entire conversations.
10. Droid Sheep : Auseful app for extracting vital information from someone’s social media accounts.
11. Shark for Root : It helpssniff traffic on 3G and Wi-Fi.

12. WI-Fi Mac Changer : It makes hacker activities untraceable by changing the MAC address.

13. SSH Droid :     Provides extra security layer. Connects to the device from PC to execute commands.

14. dSploit : provides a most advanced professional toolkit to perform security assessments on mobile device.

15. APKInspector : a powerful GUI tool for analysis. By reverse engineering to compile distribute

16. SSL Strip for Android : It hacks HTTP traffic on a network, watches for HTTPS links and maps those links into look alike HTTPS links.

17. Fing Network Tool : quickly detects the devices connects to the Wi-Fi network and displays IP, MAC address and device manufacturer.

18. USB Cleaver : IT recovers silently all information from target windows 2000. The information includes password hashes, LSA secrets, IP address. It gets all information of LOG file in sdcard for review anytime.

19. WhatsApp Sniffer :It downloads all WhatsApp chat and video’s details of anyone’s device that uses the same Wi-Fi connections, this app is the best for the purpose.

20. WIBR Plus : Is advanced testing app for security of networks and can detect if a network is penetrated.

21. Droid Pentest :This hacking appis good for android penetration testing and hacking.

22. Wi-Fi You Android Hacking Apps : powerful app to collect, store and distribute passwords shared by users. It finds all available networks in vicinity and connects to one.

23. Wi-Fi Analyser : Converts the Android phone into Wi-Fi analyzer. It finds all Wi-Fi channels around, locates a less crowded for the wireless router.

24. Eviloperator : connects two users on phone conversation, each thinking that the other one has called. It can record the entire conversation and share that recording with a third person.

25. Csploit :Best android hacking app for security professionals for penetration tests and android network analysis.


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