Top 10 WordPress Plugins

The use of plugins for WordPress not just enhances traffic but also results in a hassle-free experience by the visitors.

Therefore, some of the best WordPress plugins are mentioned below for a better and cleaner website:

#1. SEMRUSH plugin –

It is one of the most popular WordPress SEO tools, which are web-based unlike other plugins. It acts a bible for beginners since on Semrush you can audit your entire site SEO and clearly understand which are the errors and factors which are restricting the growth of your blog or website.

# 2. YOAST plugin –

WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the best free plugins available which can take care of a number of factors on your page. These include – adding Meta value for your homepage & single page, creating sitemap file, editing robots.txt and htaccess as well as controlling the indexing of your blog.


This WordPress plugin cleans up the broken links by finding and fixing all the internal as well as external 404 links. These 404 links act as a dead end for the search engine spiders which ensure directed traffic. Thus, it is very crucial to remove all such links. This plugin should ideally be run on a low traffic day since it may cause hosting to freeze for some time.

# 4. SMART LINK plugin –

By using SEO Smart Link WordPress plugin, you can automatically link your words to any post link. This works wonders for on-page optimization by using high ranking keywords for your website from Google’s webmaster tool. Hence, it results in a better ranking.


This plugin adds ALT attributes to your images for better optimization. That is, because one hundredth of the traffic to a websites is directed through image search engines hence improving the ranking of your website. However, you do need to bear in mind that the image name that you give is relevant and useful.

# 6. W3 TOTAL CACHE plugin –

This plugin helps to enhance the speed and performance of your site by allowing you to setup the page with ease, cache browser and compress the pages resulting in quicker downloads. Also, for your static pages, it sets up a content delivery network.

# 7. WP RICH SNIPPETS plugin –

Now, rich snippets also referred to as Schema marks-up are tiny bits of extra information that appear below in Google search results. These snippets help your page stand out in search results owing to which they can climb up the rankings.

# 8. REDIRECTION Plugin –

Non-redirection to the new URL can be a major reason to lose traffic & rankings. That is because Google will not be able to redirect or pass the authority to the new page. Redirecting also helps Google to index your website which is crucial in SEO. The Redirection plugin also has the import/export feature and is compatible with various redirect types.


This plugin acts as a measuring instrument for your websites performance. It allows you to track your visitors, goals, outbound links as well as file downloads.


Well, if you want to migrate your SEO data, then this is your go-to tool. It is compatible with a number of plugins and theme frameworks so migrating using this plugin is a smooth process.

Now, you know how to improve your WordPress rankings!


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