Top 10 iPhone Games

Being an iPhone user, you must be totally in love with your device since the resolution & voice quality is great. So, why not use your hand held to kill boredom as well! There are a plethora of online games that you can play with friends or other random players across the world.

Here are some of the most famous ones:

1. Fruit Ninja HD –

This is just the perfect party game that can be played online with friends since it does not need a great deal of learning or technique. You simply have to understand the fruit cutting mechanism that gets you points. You can either challenge your friend on the same phone or choose your opponent from the Game Center.

2. Words with friends –

This is a classic crossword game that you can play online even with friends far away. All you have to do is use the available alphabets to make scoring words in least number of moves.

3. Mirror’s edge –

This is an engaging game side scrolling runner game where two players compete head-to-head. Not just this, the graphics are great the story will keep the players engrossed. It can be played on the same device at the same time.

4. Touch Hockey FS5 –

This game’s animations are as smooth and responsive as the original air hockey. You can play with multiple friends over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to experience multi-player fun.

5. Small World2 –

If you are a board game lover, then this is the game for you. It is a strategy board game with great animation, graphics and musical score. You can play with friends and family online or also with five other players on the same device.

6. Clash of Clans –

It is an engaging game where you need to use strategy as well as competitive combats to build your village, train troops & battle with other players online. It is a multiplayer game so your friends can join you in fighting other rival clans. The best part is that your friends can be iOS or Android users.

7. GT Racing2 –

Your love for cars and racing is put to test while playing this one. The 3D renditions of licensed cars on tracks at different times of the day will give you real-time driving experience.

8. Asphalt 8: Airborne –

This is another car racing game where you can race in different seasons. The real-time multi-player mode lets you play with 8 competitors where you can move through the air and perform a number of stunts.

9. Battle Monkeys –

This one is a great 3D game where you control an army comprising of warrior monkeys who fight against other players. At one time, four or more players can enjoy the game. Either you can challenge your friend or move up the battle ranks.

10. 8 Ball pool –

It is a leading pool game with single as well as multiplayer modes. You can challenge random players, your Facebook friends, or even eight other Ball Pool friends.

So, go ahead and enjoy the game!


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