Best Features of OnePlus 5T Smartphone

OnePlus introduced a new model 5T of its users. It is integrated with the top-notch specifications and hostile pricing. The launch had created an excitement in many of the android users. OnePlus 5T comes in the same price list as of OnePlus 5, but with some upgrades.
Launched in November 2017, it is categorized under the best Smartphones present till now. It has a touchscreen display of 6.01 inch, having the resolution of 1080 pixels x 2160 pixels at a PPI of 401 pixels per inch. The starting cost was 32,999 INR.

Know about OnePlus

Basically, OnePlus is a Shenzen-based company founded in 2013. Previously, the phones are sold on the basis of invitation. The customers would be sent an invitation to purchase the phone. Now, anyone can buy them because of the open sales.
OnePlus 5T has clearly trenched the standard of 16:9 ratios and also has a new dual camera setup. The company promises the wonderful thing to buy at budget prices.

Specifications of the phone

1. Camera

Get a new view with OnePlus 5T. The dual camera is there for shooting the clearer photos. It also works in low light and allows portrait photography. The high rated 16 + 20 MP gives you the experience to have clear shots.

The camera captures the clarity of the portrait mode. There are two sensors present required for focusing the face needs to be captured. You can also blur the background to give a powerful effect.

2. Design

It’s the right time to expand your perspective and indulge into a new immersive flagship experience. The fully aluminum crafted body gives a sleek appearance. Get ready to enjoy the 18:9 ratio full optic AMOLED display. Feel the boundless touch with the clean and crisp display.

The screen is ideal to work in the different light set up. Whether it is a sunny out having harsh lights or dark area, you can easily operate the phone with the clear viewing experience. The presence of horizontal lines gives an awesome appearance.

3. OxygenOS

It is a very fast and clean feature evolving among the phone making industries. It is a very streamlined feature that guarantees a speedy and bloats free handling. It is introduced with a mission to create a software system that is user-friendly. With this, the users can separate their work from social work. You can easily create a copy of the social messaging app that runs parallel.

4. Performance

The phone is packed with incredible performance and power. The software is beautifully paired with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 processor. The power-efficient phone is incredible to play games, watch a movie and still, the power remains.

There is plenty of room for storing the photos, apps, and files as there is storage of 128 GB. The intelligent software allows you to access the apps quickly without harming the performance or draining the battery.

What you are waiting for now. Grab your set at cost effective price and enjoy the exciting experience of using a smart android phone.


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