Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking Tools

White-hat hacking is a serious business; to achieve the best results hackers need accuracy. The internet is loaded with the variety of tools to facilitate hacking, but not every app has the precision to do penetration tests of the security system. The vulnerable points can only be tapped by the exact tools.

Here are 10 best ethical hacking tools of 2017 that are described after shortlisting them for their popularity.

1. Network Mapper (Nmap)-

This is an open source free tool to test and enhance network security. This tool is widely used by network administrators and security researchers. System admins apply it for various jobs such as open ports, making network inventory, monitoring, and managing upgrading schedules.

2. Metaspoilt-

This ethical hacking tool allows to emulate the real hacking attacks and identify the vulnerable spots. As a precise penetration tester, it spots the exact vulnerable spots and take remedial action with the integration of Nexpose. The users can create own tools by this multi-functional tool.

3. Acunetix-

This is a vulnerability scanner that identifies loopholes and weaker spots that may allow unwanted intrusions. This helps find vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting and SQL injection etc. This is most accepted tool for WordPress websites where it can detect over 1200 vulnerabilities. This tool is fitted with Login Sequence Recorder that gives access to password secured zones.

4. Wireshark-

This tool is used widely by security professionals for live pocket capturing, website & networks analysis, and deep protocol scanning. Originally named Ethereal, this free & open source tool is a true friend of hackers.

5. John the Ripper-

This free tool is a prevalent password cracking tool among the hackers. This is used for dictionary attacks, takes text string samples from a text file and use its encryptions to match various outputs for enhancing security system.

6. oclHashcat-

A free CPU-based password cracking tool oclHashcat is considered the fastest password cracking tool with GPGNU based engine. This employs various modes for cracking the passwords such as Brute force, Straight, a combination, and hybrid dictionary.

7. Nessus-

This tool is a well-tried vulnerability scanner that detects access flaws, alerts if configuration is not right, PCI DSS audits preparations, and does malware & data searches. This incorporates Hydra tool to face dictionary attack.

8. THC Hydra-

Hydra is a popular livewire network login hacking free tool that incorporates various password and login combos. This stable tool tries brute force and dictionary attacks to test login and password cracking to support various protocols.

9. Aircrack-

An ethical hacking tool Aircrack is the wireless-specific hacking program that can be dangerous in wrong hands. This tool recovers WPA-PSK keys cracking hacking tools when data packets are captured at monitor mode. This is one of the best tool for penetrating and wireless network auditing.

10. Maltego-

An open source forensic platform that gathers information regarding the cyber threats and black hat hacker’s attempted attacks. This tool is useful in displaying complex situations and highlights the vulnerable spots. A commendable hacking tool that analyzes people, companies, and websites etc. effectively.


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