10 Ways Entrepreneur use to earn great money online
10 Ways Entrepreneur use to earn great money online


10 Ways Entrepreneur uses to earn great money online – Making great profits online by entrepreneurs has been a modern-day success story from the beginning of new millennium. The idea of making online money always sounded too good to be true. But entrepreneurs found their way into this citadel and found ways to make money. Here are 10 top ways the entrepreneurs use to earn great money online.

#1 By affiliate marketing 

It’s a big online business by which an online retailer pays cut to another website for customer inflow and referral sales. Affiliate marketing is one steady business with growth assured with the time. This business needs a strategy, careful planning, and execution for delivering results. Dom Wells of Human Proof Design website is one successful online marketer in this regard.

#2 Teaching and guiding

The teaching and training is one sure bet when an entrepreneur decides to enter any online business. Most of the universities do extend online education. The reasonable fee structures attract learners to it from everywhere. This is a lucrative business for entrepreneurs as it saves on infrastructure cost too. Khan Academy, Open Culture, B-School etc. are good examples for that.

#3 Online selling

The online selling entrepreneurs thrive by making their websites catchy with attractive products. The millennium has seen the astounding rise of big trading names such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Flipkart etc. They all made their mega bucks by attracting hordes of customers to their sites then sell products and deliver at customer’s doorsteps.

#4 Sell through eBay and similar

 The entrepreneurs sell their products through the sites alike eBay and make money. The traffic is enormous on these sites and selling their products through these platforms is not a big challenge for them.

#5 Selling websites

 The website’s developers make their websites popular then sell it at an incredible price. These entrepreneurs create, market, and popularized the sites and generate great money by selling those websites. There are hordes of examples from Hotmail, Jabong.com to WhatsApp.

#6 Earning through GoogleAds or Infolinks

 There are numerous entrepreneurs from finance, travel, trade, retails etc. who make big money through GoogleAds or Infolinks. Cost per click (CPC) advertising pays off big when a customer clicks on the ad on any website.

#7 Money by eBook

 The entrepreneurs and individuals do make big money through writing eBooks or selling them on Amazon. Many old published books are being republished as eBooks. The Kindle as Reader and iPad are accessed by many readers. This is what makes their market profitable.

#8 Advertising through email

The sponsored content emails are the money-making tools for most of the entrepreneurs. The display of products is effectively done and subsequent responses of the email getters help the business grow manifolds.

#9 Sponsored Content

The business through sponsored ads or advertorials with attractive contents can attract the consumers who can easily access it. The entrepreneurs generate substantial money through this.


Cost per Mille or CPM means cost per thousand impressions. The entrepreneurs are offered up to 75% of revenue share in BuySellAds. It is good for start-ups as not much traffic requirement is required.  


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