How To Use Your Gmail Account

This is quite simple as well as much useful trick that can help you to score a gigabyte which is really worth of the free online storage of the file. If you have Gmail account already, you may simply use this as the central file server which is easily accessible from any place where you may simply access Gmail.When you don’t have the Gmail account… you can read this.

We are about to install the shell extension which will eventually allow you to always mount the Gmail account as the virtual drive on the desktop.

Hence, with this you will be able to perform the key file operations manipulation devoid of needing to go through an interface which is web-based. You cans Drag and drop, you may also batch copy, create the folders as well as delete the files as you generally will in the Windows Explorer, and also be capable to access the virtual drive which is from nearly anywhere.

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There are also few kind of the limitations as well as the caveats which are also well associated with the option of how-to where Gmail does not support the files larger as compared to the 10MB, hence, you never be able to always store the big size movie files and also anything, though would not be doing this anyway because it’s considered to be illegal, isn’t it? Moreover, Gmail drive also shell with extension that functions under the Windows XP, though you will also be capable to access as well as download the files through any kind of the operating system and also combination of the browser which is well supported by the Gmail.

It is also well advised that the trick is also completely well unsupported by Google folk and also it might also cease any kind of the functioning at the time — specifically following the upgrades to Gmail service. As we know that it is not illegal, but we really can’t also guarantee Google and also won’t go for the RIAA on us as well as crack down on the app, either, and hence use at own risk.

Moreover, it also goes devoid saying that no one would ever dream about using something which is like this to shuttle all around the illegally-obtained and the un-DRM’d music, certainly? Because, this would also make you the criminal, and moreover, we can’t ever advocate this. This is mainly for the personal use of the storage of extensive collection of the Powerpoint.

Initially, you need to download shell extension of Gmail Drive. The download page always says that you need having the Internet Explorer 5 or even higher for the purpose of installation; this only refers to a truth that the Internet Explorer is mainly infernally wed with the Windows Explorer and so you require the version of Windows Explorer which is based on IE5+ engine. When you’re running the Windows XP you must be perfectly set with it. No need to launch the browser — we would never conscionably suggest to anyone.


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