What are the best news apps for iPhone or Android?

Smartphones have become the hubs of information aggregation. Everything we need is present right at our fingertips. This has made it easier. To keep ourselves updated with the happenings of the world is easy in the time of Smartphones which become the hubs of information.

The iPhone or Android apps present today which help us to discover the news and made it possible that everything we need is present right at our fingertips.
On the other hand, too many options can be as bad and make it hard to choose from the myriad of options present. It is hard to find which iPhone or Android news app best suits your specific needs.

Some prefer politics while others are more interested in the entertainment gossips. Some like their news app to provide news of politics, entertainment, tech, and sports, etc.

From the following apps, you can pick and chose the one which best suits your needs.

1.INKL :

INKL is the most popular app which offers only the news contents which are published by some of the best and most reputable news publishers across the globe like The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Aljazeera, China Daily, and The Guardian among others.

2. Google Play Newsstand :

Google Play Newsstand can pull news content as soon as they are published on websites and you get the news in the ‘For You’ section. At the time of installation, you subscribe to different news feeds, but you can easily add or delete the subscriptions. If you want to add more publishers, you can go to the explore section and search by name.

3 Flipboard :

Flipboard is easy to use, you just choose the topics you are interested in and it will bring the content based on that. Tapping on the categories will guide you into the relevant articles.

4 SmartNews :

SmartNews is very simple and you swipe from left to right to move between different categories. Each category houses the news in a list manner which you can scroll through. You can manage them in the Discover section of the app.

5. Appy Geek:

When you launch the app, it already comes subscribed to popular topics and websites. This app is a one-stop solution for all your tech news. You can also stream videos from directly within the app. You can leave your comments on the articles published on the different websites.

6. Feedly :

Feedly brings the desktop level qualities to the mobile OS; it has an enormous UI with fast and responsive load time. It handles all the usual stuff pretty well. You can customize your feed by using tags and share articles to social media from right within the app.

7. BBC News :

BBC News is covering the whole world. You can choose a country to read the news precise to that country. In the side menu, the news is categorized by countries. The homepage is craftily designed with the relevant news from around the world.

The video section is excellent for short news videos of less than the length of fewer than 2 minutes. So you can enjoy the content in an easy and fast manner.

8.365 Scores :

365 Scores has reputation for being the best sports news apps. It will ask you to select your favorite sports, leagues, and teams when you launch the app. You can change your preferences afterward.


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