How To Install Windows OS

Let us understand another insight of technology. Here are the instructions which mainly talks about how you can install the Windows on your Android Tablet and also on the android phone. It might actually sound to be quite unrealistic but you may simply install the Windows OS or the Operating system on the Android Phone or on the tablet. To be much specific, you may also install and can also run the windows XP/7/8/8.1/10 on your android tablet or on your android phone. It also goes for the android kitkat, even for android lollipop and also the latest known a the android marshmallow.

Let us now discuss about the tutorial about How to Install OS Update on the Android Phone?

Installing as well as running the windows XP, the windows 7, also the windows 8, even the windows 8.1 as well as the windows 10 and also other android devices are also dependant on the software known as Change My Software.

The First and initial most thing, before having any need to run Windows on the Android phone, the following must always be taken in the consideration.

Step 1:

To start with, from the Android tablet, you need to tap on Menu option, and choose on “Settings”.

Step 2:

Now, Click “Developer options”, subsequent to which you may place the checkmark which is next to “USB debugging.” The PC would be also enabled to make the requisite changes on Android while getting connected through USB.

Step 3 :

Based on kind of the windows that you require, choose on option “Change my software” and chose a perfect version of the Windows edition that you need”, the software will change the Android OS to the Windows OS and even vice versa.

Step 4 :

You need download the latest or updated version of Change my Software.
• Having the devices connected, you need to launch the updated version of Change my software Windows on the computer
• The Follow up available on-screen will prompt to install the software “Change My Software”. This program will be launch while installation is completed.
• Now, connect the Android tablet phone to the computer by using a USB cable.
• After this, select the option Android > Windows (8/8.1/7/XP) for installing windows on android tablet.
• When your device is properly working, click on the tab continue.
• Now select your language. It is really remarkable.
• By choosing the language, the windows driver will download it automatically.
• Once the download is complete click on the install option

The process to install Windows OS will start on the Android device. You need to wait until completion of the process and entire of the features as well as the file is getting installed.

When the have been also installed, Android mobile or the tablet will also reboot automatically.

Subsequently, rebooting of device, choose on either Windows and even on Android to use the android mobile.


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