Which is the best programming language to learn for Hacking

There are various queries related to the programming languages used for the hacking process. Some of the learners want to have quick healing solutions. Nowadays, most of the tech gadgets are built with the coding process that allows easy hacking. Hacking is not just a job of clicking a button but compartmentalized and serialized vocation.

Many of the websites available provide a list of some of the famous programming languages present in the world used for the hacking process. For our clients, we make the process of choosing the right languages easy. The article is created truly based on the research.

Required programming languages

What do you understand by hacking? It is a process of breaking a code and covers three sections – Web Hacking, Exploit Writing and Reverse Engineering.
Let’s have a look at the programming languages.

1. Web hacking

If a person has knowledge of hacking the web, then he is considered as a good hacker. For this, one requires learning the web coding as most of the websites use HTML, PHP, and JavaScript.

-JavaScript :

Purely a client-side web programming, JavaScript is used in the websites for creating a better user interface and get the quick reply. If you are seeing your career in hacking, it is mandatory to learn the JavaScript. Generally, it is a great pathway to understand the client-side mechanism to discover the flaws.

– HTML :

Easiest and highly used web language is the HTML. Therefore, the experts suggest learning the language to understand the web response, actions, and logic.

– PHP :

A dynamic language to learn, PHP is required by the websites for managing all types of web apps and database. It is required for controlling everything on site and server.

– SQL :

SQL is designed as it is essential for managing and storing all kinds of sensitive and confidential data like information related to the bank or personal. The hackers try to steal the information by learning the SQL language.

2. Exploit Writing

Another important language to learn is Exploit Writing that is one of the important features learned by the hackers. Before learning this knowledge, one must have the know-how of:


As a hacker, the skills are not counted if someone does not have the knowledge of Python. It is a core language meant for building tools and exploits. Many security concern and pro hackers stated that mastering the Python is a great way to learn the hacking process.


An easy yet complicated language is a subject to learn for the hacking. It is useful when it comes to exploit writing. The hackers use this language for meterpreter scripting.

3. Reverse engineering

It is a procedure of captivating a software program’s binary code. This is further recreated to trace back the original source code. If anyone knows reverse engineering, he or she can easily find the bugs and flaws. To learn this language, the basic languages like C, C++, and Java are a must. Basically, it is a way of converting the high-level language code into a low one without bringing a change in the original program.


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