The local and international laws specifically block some sites that may have socially unpleasant, inflammatory, and/ or illegal contents. This rule may find acceptance from public or not. Some may object to such censorship and may still desire to visit such blocked sites.Such people will be pleased to know that this censorship is not the end of the world, because these blocked sites can be unblocked or circumvented.

Here are some of the best ways to unblock the blocked websites on the network by some simple methods.

#  VPN way –

Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows a safe access to the unblocked sites. VPN software is the device to connecta free and openinternet connection through your net connection. So, now you can surf without disclosing your IP address identity. Everytime you will surf, your IP address will change when using VPN software. This way through VPN software any website blocked with Geo restriction can be unblocked or bypassed.

#  Redirect DNS server to unblock –

DNS server is the key area of the internet, it provides the match for the website names when you are searching one. DNS server informs you about the IP address of the selected internet site. ISP’s can terminate the access to anysite by deleting the entriesof the site to be blocked. ISPs can redirect the request to some other site or notice page. There are third party DNS services also available through other ISP’s, such as OpenDNS & Google. These options help to access the blocked sites.

#  Open through browsing proxies –

Browsing proxies are the alternative services that allow you to use their internet connections. This is one easy way to bypass the blocked sites on your IP address. You can find these browsing proxies aplenty on the internet, access them and enter URL of the site you want, in the address bar there. The browsing proxy server will direct you to the site that you want to open.


#  Do it through Google Translate & Cached pages –

If you want to access the text content on the blocked site, Google is the easiest way in. On Google’s SE, cached images of all the prevalent websites are available. Look for the cached version of the site you are trying on the Google by clicking on >>icon next to search result link. A link Cached would be visible there, click and cached version of the page will pop out. These pages are constantly refreshed so you will always access the updated pages. The drawback of this operation is that you can’t use interactive content like Flash & Streaming media. Login with passwords would also not be possible.

# TOR way to unblock –

TOR is a user-friendly tunneling service, a software that connects to the networks todisplay obscurity on the internet. The user remains anonymous. Download a copy of the software from TOR site for your OS and browse on unblocked sites.

#  Extensions help to bypass –

If the blocked websites are social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube, try the extensions. Some extension software such as Hola and ProxMate can be used to reach and operate the blocked websites.

Try any of these options to circumvent the blocked websites and use them without any issue.


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