Installation of custom ROM is not very difficult in an Android device, but certain procedure need to be followed religiously. The developers can freely customize and optimize the firmware/ROM, making it better than the stock ROMs. Installing custom ROM adds more features to the device not added by default.

What is ROM?

The Android ROM(Read Only Memory) is the file containing executable instruction for running of android operating system. The manufactures develop and provide stock ROM in the phone device, having standard features. It is easy to see the code making up the Android system since it is open source.

The improved version of ROM with additional features is called custom ROM. It has features much more than the standard ones. Installation of a custom ROM is like installing a new operating system to the Android. A few popular custom ROMs are: cyanogenMod, AOKP, Paranoid Android, PAC-ROM etc. This may be the reason for android users to go in for rooting their device.

Procedure for installing a custom ROM in Rooted Android

1. Rooting the phone:

For installing a custom ROM the phone should be rooted first. Rooting can be done with KingoRoot :both KingoRoot Android (PC Version) and KingoRoot (APK Version). Thisis rated as easiest and fastest for Android rooting for devices and has a very high success ratio. It has a very small procedure consisting of a few steps and the device is rooted very fast. It must be kept in mind that rooting is not without its negatives. Despite many plus points there are some minus points too. In addition to a rooted device a custom recovery to install a custom ROM in the device is required.

2. Downloading Custom ROM

Custom ROM can be downloaded either on the Android device or your PC and make sure that the custom ROM is compatible with your device. Due to different regions or networks some devices have many variants, please make sure that you get the right one.
The ROM can be downloaded, zipped and copied on the internal storage of device. Ensure it is under the SD card so that the custom ROM zip file can be found easily.

Installation through recovery

o Switch off device and restart in recovery mode.
o Take a complete backup before installation to avoid disappointment should something go wrong during the process.
o Navigate to the menu systems, select the zip file t to the install.
o Follow on-screen instructions and confirm ready to install the custom.
o Start the process of installation.
o Once the custom ROM installation begins we will not be able to stop will be sometime before you first flash your phone.

However, if there is a failure one may need to repeat the same steps again., or may revert the device to its previous state with the full backup.
After installing a custom ROM,it is much easier to install the latest and greatest OS version that is compatible with the device.


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